About Us

About Us

“You have space and we have things to fill in”

Space is brain child of Mr. M L Jain – Our father who directed us to do something at our end and to serve with best of the products to the world. We have strong belief in good craft which can take great place at your home so here is how space has come into the world.

Space is led by father son duo – M L Jain & Mayur jain.

Company started in 2017.

Why & How we can make this happen: –

Mayur has worked for 15 years in this industry and has all the experience from shipping, production, finishing, packing while his journey in this industry. Now he led to the dream of reaching the miles with small step.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – mark twain


Design & Quality

We strongly believe that craft with design are the key for making right product and right product with technical push are key to success.

Quality and design is our main objective where our entire energy are placed in. Modern machinery surely helps but it is the touch of the experience and human hand that truly makes a piece of art.

Being in this industry for 15 years I have learnt a lot of things for design and technical terms to make the range successful


Metal is key for us and we believe metal in-house with all machines CNC etc. can make the right product with right quality


Why Space?

Because we believe in learning and ready for challenges
We know what to make and how to make and always ready for new possibilities
Joinery is most important part of making any products

Here are the basics we follow while making any products at space: –

1. Tenon mortise joinery for strong structure.

2. No through end crack

3. Moisture in range of 6 to 12

4. Plank width must be in range between 2.5 to 5 Inch

5. Wooden cleats on top side to strengthen the structure

6. Add triangle corners on back of the product with standing stripes on back with screws

7. Sanding: – Pre sanding of planks before assembly


At Space we believe that wood used in making our products are sources from right place with minimal or no impact to our environment.

We work and support the farmers to grow tree’s

We are in process of setting up contract with farmer for growing tree’s and will pay yearly bonus to them for each tree. Inspection will be carried out by space.

We are proud to be part of EPCH member and Vriksh.


Sheesham, Mango & Acacia – these Indian species are core material we work along with all metals – iron, brass, aluminum & stainless steel and all marbles